Beautiful things come with age such as wisdom, confidence, and hindsight. Unfortunately, aches and pains, wrinkles, and health problems come along too. Healthy living is the key to aging with grace and comfort.

Drink. Maintaining constant hydration can help diminish wrinkles, flush toxins, and decrease lower back and joint pain.

Relax. Stress can impact the genes inside cells, and hasten the body’s deterioration.

Breathe. Smoking accelerates the aging of cells, not only making you look older, but also aging your body. It damages reparation cells, so your body becomes increasingly challenged when fighting disease.

Eat wisely. A diet rich in antioxidants is an effective weapon against free radical damage. Consuming Vitamin E is one of the most effective ways to fight oxidation and a great defender against free radicals. Nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and leafy greens all contain Vitamin E. When Vitamin C is coupled with Vitamin E, it can actually help replenish your Vitamin E supply. Many green vegetables and citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C.