Complex #35 Bed Wetting - Relief from bed wetting

Complex #35 Bed Wetting - Relief from Bed Wetting

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Loss of normal bladder control associated with bed-wetting and inability to retain discharges, as incontinence of urine.

Causes are infection, senility, confusional states, psychological, and prostatic disorders following surgery.

Symptom: bed wetting by day or night or both.

Medicinal Ingredients (dose per unit)

Belladonna 6X, Causticum 6X, Cina 6X, Nux vomica 6X, Pulsatilla 6X, Rhus toxicodendron 6X, Silicea 10X, Sulphur 6X

Recommended Dose

Adults and adolescents 12 and over: Take ten drops three times daily or take as directed by health care practitioner.

DIN-HM 80077044