Complex #43 Menopause - Relieve symptoms of menopause

Complex #43 Menopause - Relieve symptoms of Menopause

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The period of a women’s life during which the menses cease. It causes the end of the active reproductive cycle of ovulation, general diminution in the menstrual flow, and nervous disturbances such as mental unrest. The most common symptoms are hot flushes, mental depression, emotional tension, irritability, sexual apathy, and psychological problems.

Medicinal Ingredients (dose per unit) 

Cimicifuga racemosa 6X, Glonoinum 10X, Kalium bromatum 6X, Lachesis mutus 10X, Pulsatilla 6X, Sepia 6X, Sulphur 6X, Ustilago maidis 6X

Recommended Dose

Female Adults: Take ten drops three times daily or take as directed by a health care practitioner.

DIN-HM: 80077134